Frances Lane is an event rental studio based in San Francisco, specializing in unique tabletop items. Dinnerware in a variety of patterns and styles, modern and vintage flatware, glassware, rugs, vases and more.

The Frances Lane story began with a wedding in Wisconsin, where the idea of a run-of-the-mill table was simply unacceptable. Post wedding, the rental studio was launched, so that the amazing pieces that had been collected could be shared with others looking to provide their own special event with a detailed and personalized touch of charm. From sourcing items to full service styling and scullery, Frances Lane can bring your tabletop vision to life.

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Lindsay is: a Libra, through and through. A fervent admirer of San Francisco’s temperate weather, after being raised in Arizona summers and surviving four Chicago winters. A dog stalker with an especially keen radar for breeds with disproportionate body-to-leg length ratios. A cat lady, and proud of it. A compulsive list maker. A task-oriented Type A with an unbridled creative streak.





Frances Lane is: the name of the street, in a small Wisconsin town, where our collections first started. It is also where family calls home, where every season is more beautiful than the last, and where loved ones have sat around many an elegant table and shared stories and laughter and meals.